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Calle del casco antiguo de Málaga con una misteriosa figura al fondo, por donde pasa la visita guiada nocturna de Má
Calle del casco antiguo de Málaga con una misteriosa figura al fondo, por donde pasa la visita guiada nocturna de Má

Free Tour Mysterious Málaga

Discover on this mysterious night-time Free Tour the unusual legends and unexplainable events that Málaga conceals when night falls.

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Meeting point

Plaza de la Aduana

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Two hours

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End of visit

Plaza de la Aduana

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free tour malaga in english



The one you decide


Let yourself be surprised by the hidden and secret history of Málaga

In this Free Night Tour your tour guide will take you off the beaten path to show you the magical and mysterious side that Málaga hides, when daylight falls, crimes and terrifying paranormal events that will make your skin crawl.

Hand in hand with your guide, you will walk through mystical streets and enter narrow alleyways with haunted houses in the historic centre of Málaga, where you will discover true and little-known stories about murders, poltergeist phenomena, ghosts, and criminals executed in Málaga.

These are just some of the mysteries that you will discover on the Free Tour Mysterious Málaga

Who killed the innocent child "Manolito" Sánchez.

How a woman from Málaga became the wife of the Maharaja of India.

Reason was Hipólito, the parish priest of Santiago, excommunicated.

When the poltergeist happened in the street of the Cistercian Abbey.

What a mystery, incomprehensible to parapsychologists, hides "the Black Ghost".

What day and how was the mysterious UFO sighting in Málaga

How the irritable ghost of the Alcazaba of Málaga manifested itself.

Unique Free Tour of Mysterious Málaga with photos, psychophonies & videos on your mobile

In addition to the explanations of your guide, you will receive interactive support material on your own phone.

Exclusive material consulted during the Mysterious Malaga Free Tour on the screen of your mobile

Original press releases.

Hidden curiosities at a glance.

Real Psychophony Audios.

Photos of the main characters.

Exclusive files and documents.

Friendly and kind official Málaga tour guide

unmissable malaga free tour malaga tourism

Historical explanations, anecdotes, and curiosities

Exclusive audiovisual support on your mobile

Recommendations to enhance your Málaga visit

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FREE & 100% safe

1. Select the date on the calendar.
2. Choose a time that suits your plans.
3. Indicate the number of people you'll be.
4. Input your contact details.
5. Then click on MAKE BOOKING.


You will receive a confirmation email right after making the reservation with all the necessary information to get the most out of the Free Tour Mysterious Málaga.

For a private tour click here

For a private tour click here

How to modify or cancel your booking:

If you cannot make your Free Tour Mysterious Málaga on the day and time you have chosen, click on the following link and send us a WhatsApp with your name and reservation number:

Together we'll look for the date that best suits your new plans and you will avoid the group being delayed waiting for you.

See the real opinions of our visitors


Guide at the meeting point of the Free Tour Málaga Mysterious

We will be waiting for you in the central

PLAZA DE LA ADUANA, next to the tourist information point, to begin the guided tour of the most mysterious streets in the centre of Málaga.

This square is usually crowded, but you don't have to worry, locating us is easy:

We always carry a blue & white umbrella and our best smile.

⏰ We advise you to be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the start of the Free Tour Mysterious Málaga.

In this way, we can show up before the start, start the visit at the scheduled time and your next plans will not be delayed.


The entirety of this enigmatic tour navigates pedestrian-friendly and flat streets, allowing you to enjoy it seamlessly, regardless of your age, on foot or in a wheelchair.


On this Free Tour, we'll make brief stops to uncover details hidden in plain sight, and your guide will recount the murkiest legends and mysteries of Málaga's history right where the events unfolded.

Furthermore, you'll receive exclusive material on your mobile device to acquaint you with the characters of these occurrences!


Points of interest

🚩 Málaga Alcazaba
📍 Old  Iglesia de la  Merced
📍 Iglesia de Santiago
📍 Palacio Félix Solesio
📍 Plaza de las juderias
📍 Calle San Agustín

📍 Calle Santa María
📍 Plaza del Obispo
📍 Abadía del Císter
📍 Jardines de la Catedral
📍 Calle Don Juan de Málaga
🚩 Museo de Málaga

Mysterious cross seen during the Mysterious Malaga Free Tour
Cruz misteriosa vista durante el Free Tour Málaga Misteriosa


👉‍ Comfortable footwear:

It will take approximately two hours to complete the tour and all that time we will be walking or standing.

Your feet will thank you!

👉‍ Sun cream, bottle of water and sunglasses:

The climate in Málaga is wonderful, however, during the summer it can get quite hot even at sunset.

Protect and hydrate your body so that nothing spoils your holidays!

👉‍ Reserve your place before the start of the Free Tour:

In order to give you better attention, the number of places available on the Free Tour Mysterious Málaga is limited.

Your place is only guaranteed if you have made your reservation!

👉‍Sun cream, bottle of water and 


👉‍ Book your place before the
       start of the Free Tour:

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the doubts that some visitors have before booking their Free Tour Mysterious Málaga.

Do I really choose the price of the Free Tour?

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ico producto menos.png

Yes. This is the main feature of a Free Tour.

It does not have a fixed price, since you are the person in charge of putting a price on the work of your guide at the end of the visit.

This ensures the motivation and good work of your guide on each tour.

If this is the first time you are doing a Free Tour, we inform you that the average that our visitors usually pay is €10 per person.

Do we enter the interior of the monuments mentioned in the itinerary?

ico producto MAS.png
ico producto menos.png

No. Your guide will focus on the legends, real events and anecdotes that happened in its surroundings, therefore, in this Free Tour you do not need to access the monuments to delve into the mysteries of the dark Málaga.

However, if you are interested in visiting the interior of these monuments, you are in luck because we have a specific Free Tour for each of them:



To attend the Free Tour Mysterious Málaga, do I have to make a reservation?

ico producto MAS.png
ico producto menos.png

Yes. In order to offer you a quality guided tour through the darkest historic centre of Málaga, this Free Tour has a limited number of available places and it is necessary that you reserve yours before they run out.

I can only select a maximum of 7 people at the time of booking, what is the reason?

ico producto MAS.png
ico producto menos.png

If you are a group of 8 or more people, you will need to book a private tour just for you, or secure a minimum payment, and that is why you cannot select a number greater than seven.

To find out about the options and prices for groups, send us a WhatsApp by clicking here or an email and we will contact you to offer you a plan adapted to your needs.

Is the Free Tour canceled if there are few bookings?

ico producto MAS.png
ico producto menos.png

The guided tour, through the streets of Málaga Misteriosa, can be canceled if there are less than 4 people, but the truth is that this situation rarely happens.

To be exact, less than 2% of the tours throughout the year are cancelled, and if they were, we would contact you to offer you other alternatives.

If it rains, is the route cancelled?

ico producto MAS.png
ico producto menos.png

No. Málaga has an average of 300 sunny days and only 50 days with light rainfall per year, so in case of rain, with a raincoat or an umbrella you can easily complete the entire route.

However, if due to extreme conditions we had to cancel the tour, we would notify you in advance and offer you an alternative date.

If I'm late at the meeting point, will you wait for me?

ico producto MAS.png
ico producto menos.png

No. Your guide will remain at the meeting point until 5 minutes after the start of the Free Tour, but out of respect for the rest of the group, after that courtesy time, he will follow the route indicated in the itinerary.

Can I leave before the end of the Tour?

ico producto MAS.png
ico producto menos.png

Yes, but before you leave, tell your guide that you are going to do it.

In this way, neither he nor the rest of the group will be waiting for you at the next stop.

Can I do the Mysteries and Legends Free Night Tour, in the company of my dog?

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ico producto menos.png

Yes. Your furry friend will be well received on this tour as long as he is polite and friendly with the other participants and has his vaccination record in order.


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Your Free Tour Mysterious Málaga

Fast and 100% Safe

100% real reviews from our visitors

To make the most of time during your stay in Málaga

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and savor, without haste or queues, the best of the city.

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