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Cookie Policies


Cookies facilitate browsing, make it friendlier, do not harm your device, be it PC, mobile or tablet, and are only read by the server that implements them.

The information collected by cookies may include:

  • The date and time you have visited the Website.

  • The pages you've viewed.

  • The time you have been on the Website.

  • The sites you have visited just before and after being on the Website.

However, no cookie allows:

  • Contact with your telephone number or with any other means of personal contact.

  • Extract information from your hard drive.

  • Steal personal information.

The only way for your private information to be part of the Cookies file is for you to personally provide that information to the server.

The cookies that allow you to be identified are considered personal data, therefore, the
Privacy Policy of this Website applies to them.

In this link you can access the cookie guide published by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection:



These are the cookies that the Website sends to your device in order to function as expected and avoid security risks.

The information they save is used to improve the quality of the Website, its content and your user experience.

In other words, they allow the website to recognize you as a recurring visitor and to offer you content that meets your preferences.

These cookies are generated and managed exclusively by the Website.

  • Essential cookies enable basic functions such as security, verifying your identity, and network administration. These cookies cannot be disabled.

  • Functional cookies are responsible for collecting data to remember the choices you have made on the web, to improve and offer you a more personalized experience.


XSRF-TOKEN: Used for security reasons - During the session.
bSession: It is used to measure the effectiveness of the system - Duration 30 minutes.
fedops.logger.defaultOverrides: Used to measure stability/effectiveness - Duration 12 months.
hs: Used for security reasons - During session
ssr-caching: Used to indicate the system from which the site was rendered - Duration 1 minute.
svSession: Used in connection with user login - Duration 12 months.




These are the cookies used and managed by entities external to the Website which provide us with services both to improve the Website and your experience when browsing the page.



These cookies are used to track visitors on the website with the intention of showing them relevant ads tailored to their interests and monitoring user activity on the web to perform automated segmentation actions according to their preferences.

_fbp: Used by Facebook to offer a series of advertising products such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers - Duration 3 months
_gcl_au: Used by Google AdSense to experiment with advertising efficiency through the websites using its services - Duration 3 months


These cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our website, uncover errors, and provide better overall analytics.

_ga: Registers a unique identifier that is used to generate statistical data on the use that the visitor makes of the website - Duration 2 years
_gid: Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on the use that the visitor makes of the website - Duration 1 day
_gat_UA-193668067-1: Used by Google Analytics to throttle the request rate - During the session.

This Website uses the analysis service of Google Analytics.

Thanks to these cookies we obtain information about the number of pages you visit, the language, the place of the IP address from which you access as a user, the number of users who access the Website, the frequency and recurrence of visits, the time of the visit, the browser used and the operator or type of device from which the visit is made.

This information is used to improve the Website and detect new needs to offer you optimum quality content and services.

Of course, everything is collected anonymously and trend reports are produced without identifying you or other users.

You can obtain more information about the description of the type of cookies that Google Analytics uses, its main characteristics, expiration period, etc. by clicking here.


This Website incorporates social network plugins into the blog, which allow you to access them from the Website. For this reason, cookies from social networks can be stored in your browser.

The owners of social networks have their own data protection and cookie policies, and they are responsible for their own files and their own privacy practices.

To find out about these cookies and, where appropriate, the processing of your personal data, you must contact them.

For information purposes, we leave you, below, the links where you can consult these privacy and/or cookie policies:


You can disable, reject and eliminate cookies, totally or partially, installed on your device through your browser settings.

The procedures for rejecting and deleting cookies can change from one Internet browser to another, so here are some links so you can do it, whatever your browser is:

In the event that you reject the use of cookies, from any browser in whole or in part, you can continue browsing the Website.

However, if you do so, you may have limited use of some of its features and we cannot guarantee that the information displayed while browsing the Website is complete and/or possible.

This Cookies Policy document has been updated on 01/01/2023.

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