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ensuring you're never a lost tourist in the Sun's capital

Guías Turísticos Oficiales de Málaga en los jardines de la Alcazaba
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Málaga's Official Tour Guides

ensuring you'll never be at a loss in the Costa del Sol's Capital

​Discover what to see, what to do & what to eat in Málaga during your vacation or couple's getaway at the hands of Málaga's Tour Guides


Certified Málaga Tour Guides

Málaga Official Tourist Guides


What matters is how they tell you.

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You have decided to pack your suitcases and travel to enjoy a few days in Málaga.


Beautiful golden sand beaches bathed by the Mediterranean, sun & more than 2,800 years of history await you.

More than 2,800 years of history?

My goodness! That's a lot!

Yes it is, but…

Surely you still remember that teacher at school who made time fly by, and learning became fun & easy.

The secret to making it happen is simple:


We love guiding you around Málaga


Even if you have little time,

we'll help you discover the city's history, its monuments, curiosities, anecdotes and gastronomy in a comfortable & entertaining way.

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Book your perfect private tour here

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Málaga tour guide Carlos during a guided tour

Your tour guide in Málaga

​“I enjoy combining the sociocultural blend with my job as a tourist guide to make you feel at home while you discover and learn about the culture, art, and authentic flavors of Málaga

Málaga tour guide María during a guided tour

Your tour guide in Málaga

“I have grown up observing how Málaga has transformed, and the best part I enjoy most about working as a tourist guide is being able to explain its changes over the years and its wide variety of museums in a simple way”

Málaga tour guide Jose during a guided tour

Your tour guide in Málaga

“The most rewarding thing about being a tour guide in Málaga is strolling with you through its streets full of history, legends, mysteries... and sharing with you the most unique anecdotes about its people

Málaga tour guide Paula during a guided tour

Your tour guide in Málaga

“As a tourist guide in Málaga, I have the privilege of sharing with you the wonders of its monuments and the multicultural curiosities of the city where I was born and raised”

Málaga tour guide Jose Manuel during a guided tour

Your tour guide in Málaga

“I'm passionate about art, that's why my favorite part of being a tour guide in Málaga is being able to amaze you with the history, traditions, and all the little secrets that my hometown holds”

Málaga tour guide Manolo during a guided tour

Your tour guide in Málaga

“I'm a 'boquerón' (local from Málaga) in love with my city, and being a tourist guide allows me to share its history, gastronomy, and customs with passion, in a lively and enjoyable way

This is what those who have already toured Málaga with us think

Whichever option you choose, we guarantee that:


✅ You'll learn about the most famous monuments of Málaga in an entertaining way with a simple vocabulary.

✅ You will discover magical corners of the city off the beaten track, full of curiosities and peculiarities.

✅ You will get interesting historical information and data explained in an entertaining way so you'll remember them.

✅ We will give you, if you wish, recommendations on what to do, what to eat and what to see in Málaga during your stay.


Very nice official tour guide of Málaga

Historical explanations, anecdotes and curiosities

Historical explanations, anecdotes & curiosities

Audiovisual material to compare yesterday & today

Recommendations to improve your visit to Málaga



You just have to book the private tour you prefer and come to the meeting point,



Be aware of your Tour Guide in Málaga!


You might catch their passion for the city & want to come back for more

Tourist guides of Malaga at the meeting point of the Free Tours Málaga

See you in the Plaza de la Aduana!

​Recognizing each other is easy, we are wearing our best smile & a blue and white umbrella.

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