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Cister Street's ghosts

Strange Occurrences Witnessed at No. 9 Císter Street

Walking down Císter Street, you can see the rear and one side of Málaga Cathedral, properly known as Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación. This grand church was built on the base of a mosque from the Nasrid period. The original Gothic design evolved into a Renaissance style, and the cathedral also bears Baroque elements since its construction spanned over 300 years. Despite these 300 years, the cathedral remains unfinished with one of its towers still half-built, earning it the affectionate nickname 'La Manquita'. Some decorative elements are not completed, and it lacks a roof. Yet, it remains one of the most valuable Renaissance jewels in Andalusia.

Under the headlines that read 'Ghosts on Císter Street', we recount the events that unfolded on the 6th of June, 1991, at No. 9 on this very street. Workers at Plaza & Janes reported experiencing something akin to seismic activity. Pictures and ashtrays would move. “Until staplers started flying and scissors embedded themselves into the walls, and some sort of green slime began to saturate the ceiling and the walls.” The staff evacuated the building in fear of injury from swinging lamps and falling filing cabinets. “The police were called, but they could do little more than confirm the occurrence. An exorcist was even brought in, but he also failed to prevent the phenomenon which lessened over the next few days until it vanished completely.” Several triggers for these phenomena are speculated, such as the presence of a graveyard beneath the building or the “strange circumstances surrounding the death of an employee”. Like all matters related to such phenomena, we leave it up to each individual whether to believe or not.

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