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Calle Strachan. A walk through Málaga's history

In tribute to one of Málaga's most illustrious architects

Strachan Street begins at Molina Lario Street and stretches all the way to Marqués de Larios Street. According to Bejarano Robles, this street was originally known as del Naranjo, which may have previously been San Juan de Dios Street. It was part of a network of narrow streets whose transformation in the 19th century was impacted by the demolition of the old San Juan de Dios Hospital. It was also known as Desengaño Street until 1891 when it was renamed Strachan Street in honour of the architect Eduardo Strachan Viana-Cárdenas, the mastermind behind Larios Street.

Life and works of Eduardo Strachan Viana-Cárdenas

Born in Málaga in 1856, Eduardo Strachan Viana-Cárdenas was a master builder and the architect responsible for the designs of Larios Street and its surroundings. He was the first in a line of very active architects in Málaga. Among his notable works were the psychiatric pavilion of the Civil Hospital, the Álvarez Fonseca warehouses, La Mundial, and numerous villas in the La Caleta area. He was also responsible for the initial project of Málaga's Park, an initiative of Antonio Cánovas del Castillo.

With Eduardo Strachan Viana-Cárdenas, Málaga began a true modernisation of the city, a vision first glimpsed by Teodoro Reding and continued by architects like Manuel Rivera Vera, Gerónimo Cuervo, and Fernando Guerrero Strachan. Manuel Altolaguirre Bolín, born at number 4 Strachan Street, and Emilio Prados, born at number 7, were both poets and distinguished sons of Málaga.

Strachan Street Today

Strachan Street's prestige has grown significantly since its renaming, particularly in recent years thanks to the work carried out by Málaga City Council. In 1944, Antonio Sánchez Borrero opened the much-loved but now-closed Bar Los Faroles. The tavern was adorned with a grand mural painted by the celebrated artist Martínez Virel, featuring a flamenco group composed of an old guitarist and a pair of dancers.

Nowadays, Strachan Street boasts a large number of restaurants and entertainment venues. It's one of the most elegant streets in Málaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol. No surprise there, considering it connects Larios Street (the city centre's main street) and Molina Lario Street, home to Málaga Cathedral.

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