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El Pimpi: Bars and Bodegas in Málaga

From Tour Guide to One of Málaga's Most Historical and Intriguing Restaurants: "El Pimpi"

Nestled within an 18th-century traditional Málaga mansion, you'll find "El Pimpi". Established in 1971, it's one of Málaga's most distinguished wineries, serving local cuisine and wines that Málaga's proud of. More than just a place to eat, El Pimpi offers a real taste of the tradition and culture that defines southern Spain. The name 'El Pimpi' pays homage to the local Málaga character who would assist the crews and passengers of ships arriving at the city's port. These 'Pimpis' quickly became the first tour guides of Málaga, renowned for their impeccable service and hospitality.

Its rooms have hosted generations of flamenco artists, politicians, and other notable figures, including the Picasso family, Carmen Thyssen, La Repompa, Antonio Banderas, the Duchess of Alba, Tony Blair, Maribel Verdú, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, and our beloved late Chiquito de la Calzada, among many others. El Pimpi proudly displays wine barrels adorned with the dedications and signatures of these famous visitors, bearing testament to its rich history. Today, El Pimpi is a favourite meeting point for celebrities, locals, and tourists alike, who all value and recommend it as a top-notch cultural and gastronomic entity in Málaga.

Visitors can expect to be wowed by its centuries-old décor, and the privileged surroundings that house some of the city's most significant historical monuments and cultural landmarks: Alcazaba, the Roman Theatre, the Picasso Museum, the Málaga Museum, Plaza de la Merced… El Pimpi, without a doubt, is one of those places you simply must visit in Málaga, whether in summer (on the terrace with views of the Alcazaba) or in winter in one of its cosy rooms.

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