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Hans Christian Andersen. Málaga statues

Yes, you read that right. The author of timeless tales like The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling once strolled through the streets of Málaga.

Perched on a bench in Málaga, or rather his statue is. It's a sculpture positioned right opposite the Plaza de la Marina. It's a tribute to the renowned Danish author, a creation by José María Córdoba commissioned by the Danish Royal House. The statue depicts the writer sitting on a bench, striking a relaxed pose. It was unveiled on 14th June 2005.

There's a plaque accompanying the statue that reads:

Hans Christian Andersen 1805-1875 “In no other part of Spain have i felt so happy and so at home as in Málaga”

This tribute commemorates the author's visit in October 1862, which he chronicled in his work "A Journey through Spain". During his stay in Málaga, Andersen lodged at the Fonda Oriente. The Fonda de Oriente began operation around 1845, initially located at no. 11 Alameda Principal, it was jointly owned by Swiss Carlos Brunetti and Frenchman Pedro Gassend.

Hans Christian Andersen on Málaga

Andersen left us with a charming description of the view from his room:

"Our balcony opened up to the Alameda, with its green trees, its fountain and throngs of people strolling back and forth. There were barefoot Bedouins in white robes, African Jews in embroidered kaftans, Spanish ladies with black mantillas, women with shawls of bright, cheery colours, dapper young men on foot and on horseback, peasants, porters; life and activity everywhere. Our balcony was shaded from the sun by a marquee, and sitting in the shade, we would watch people in the Alameda and enjoy the view of the harbour and the sea.

The waiter served us a beer, a heavenly beverage after weeks of lukewarm wine and not-so-cold water mixed with anise. You really felt at ease. The sun set and the night was born. The lamps were lit before the daylight had fully disappeared, the stars came out, and the crowd swelled in the street. People strolled under the trees on the soft earth; the pavement was filled with carriages and horsemen. Everyone seemed cheerful, as if life only showed its agreeable side."

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