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Plaza de la Marina of Málaga

It was named after its proximity to the sea, as like Málaga Park, it was built on land reclaimed from the sea in the 19th century

Marina Square, also known as Suárez de Figueroa, General Queipo de Llano, and Marina Sidewalk. Initially, it was home to the monument to Commander Benítez (now on the side of the Park). Its creator is Julio González Pola. Inaugurated in 1929 by Alfonso XIII and Miguel Primo de Rivera (on one of the many royal visits to the city), it pays tribute to Commander Julio Benítez Benítez, a hero of Igueriben who participated in the defence of this position during the Rif War. He posthumously received the Laureate Cross of Saint Ferdinand, which is featured in relief on the pedestal.

In the mid-20th century, the row of houses from the corner of Sancha de Lara street to the middle of the Alameda Principal was demolished. This allowed continuity between Málaga Park and Alameda Principal. The buildings that make up the main facade of Marina Square were designed between 1948 and 1960 by architect Juan Jáuregui Briales. The main entrance to the Port opens to this square. The first illuminated fountain with nine water displays began operating on January 15, 1964. It was inaugurated by the then mayor Francisco García Grana. The statue of the Cenachero, now located next to the Tourist Office, was unveiled on the same day.

Renovation and current state of Marina Square

With the renovation of the square to become an underground car park, the monuments to the Cenachero (which, after its stint at Paseo de la Farola, returned to this square in January 2003) and the Biznaguero (now located in a roundabout of Pedro Luis Alonso gardens) were removed. Both statues are the work of sculptor Jaime F. Pimentel. The renovation also replaced the gardens surrounding the fountain. An underground car park, integrating the Nazari wall discovered during its excavation, was built beneath the square. It was inaugurated with capacity for 440 vehicles on December 17, 1989, with Pedro Aparicio serving as Málaga's Mayor.

The car park and the square covering it were designed by the Catalan architect Manuel Sola Morales. Later, the square had to be remodelled again due to the previous version not being suitable, with hardly any gardens and entirely covered in albero (crushed limestone). Where the fountain now stands, the so-called "Bishop's Tower" once stood. Around 1622, Bishop Luis Fernández de Córdoba built a defence tower called the Bishop's Tower, using some of the stone intended for the construction of Málaga Cathedral.

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