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Roman Theatre of Málaga

The Roman Theatre of Málaga stands as one of the living symbols of Roman Hispania in the city

It features a state-of-the-art interpretation centre nestled next to it, where, through cutting-edge technology, you can explore the life and customs of the time. Its original use has also been revived, hosting shows within its ancient walls.

Unearthed in 1951, it spent many years partially concealed by the so-called Casa de la Cultura, constructed between 1940-42 and modified in the 60s. It was during these building works that the first traces of the Theatre were discovered, which was ultimately demolished to properly evaluate this theatre as part of the cultural programmes of 1992.

Excavations revealed the proscenium, or stage, remnants of the Orchestra, the area reserved for senators, and the cavea, the tiered seating area of 31 meters in radius and 16 meters high with thirteen tiers and the entrances to the stands, known as the vomitorium.

It was built in the times of Augustus, in the 1st century AD, making use of the hillside, a common practice in Greece. Large fluted shafts and Corinthian capitals found in the Alcazaba may belong to its stage. The theatre was abandoned towards the end of the 3rd century AD, possibly due to the incursion of Germanic tribes. Several tombs found on top suggest its fall into disuse. Additionally, numerous pieces of sigillata and late Roman pottery with Christian motifs, which you can see in the nearby Málaga Museum, might indicate a different use to that of an entertainment building, aligned with the influence of Christianity in the area, which contributed to the banishment of such public displays.

Chapter LXII of the Lex Flavia Malacitana (the city's first civil law), adorning the exterior of the interpretation centre, forbade the demolition of buildings without permission, perhaps thanks to which, this theatre was preserved, albeit in disuse.

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