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The emblem of the Malaga's city

Symbol of Málaga's hospitable and charitable spirit

The coat of arms of Málaga was granted by the Reyes Católicos (Catholic Monarchs) on 30th August 1494, following the conquest of the city on 19th August 1487. This is not only a privilege of the city but also proof of its significance in the monarchs' territorial reconquest policy. After all, not every city can boast the distinction of having a royal grant of their coat of arms.

The coat of arms of Málaga is a fundamental iconographic element of its heritage, not so much for its age – over five centuries old – but for being its official emblem. Throughout this extensive period, it has been the symbol and icon of the city, containing the signs that visually define Málaga's identity.

The iconographic representation of the coat of arms is determined by the city's image itself: On a red field, for its conquest, the form of the city and Gibralfaro fortress as a key fortification sign, with the pen of captives (Christian prisoners). The city's patron saints, San Ciriaco and Santa Paula, in prayerful attitude with a blue mantle. At the bottom, at the foot of Gibralfaro and the walls, the waves of the sea. The border, with yokes and arrows in gold, half of the right shield in green, and the left half in purple. Colours that are repeated in the Flag of Málaga.

As for the titles that appear in the coat of arms of Málaga:

  • Very Noble and Very Loyal, since its conquest.

  • Tanto Monta or its initials TM, (as it was granted by the Catholic Monarchs and after its conquest, already documented since 1642).

  • 1843 – A civic crown with the motto: The first in the danger of freedom; and the title of Always Courageous (Uprising against Espartero).

  • 1901- Very Hospitable (For the aid to the German frigate Gneisenau).

  • 1922- Very Charitable (For helping the wounded of the African war).

As we have seen, additions, variations, and modifications to Málaga's coat of arms have occurred over the centuries. The coat of arms reflects the city's historical milestones and the character of its inhabitants, always ready to help those in need and to fight for just causes.

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