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Statue of Pablo Ruiz Picasso

On October 25th, 1881, Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in the well-known Plaza de la Merced in Málaga

PICASSO, Málaga's most globally celebrated artist

The statue of Pablo Ruiz Picasso sits on one of the four corners of Plaza de la Merced, opposite the house where he was born. Many locals and visitors seize the opportunity to sit and snap a photo with Picasso, who poses with a slight smile, never taking his eyes off his pencil and notebook.

The statue, crafted in bronze by Francisco López Hernández, was unveiled on December 5, 2008. The figure is slightly larger than Picasso's real-life stature. It depicts the artist sitting on a marble bench, armed with a notebook and pencil.

Over time, the statue has participated in numerous "performances" since it was first placed in the plaza. An example of this is the Noche en Blanco, celebrated in the city since 2009, where the statue of Pablo is decorated differently depending on the theme.

In April 2013, a group of miscreants took advantage of the city's slumber to yank Picasso from his bench in a misguided prank, intending to carry him away. Unable to move the statue due to its weight, they left it on another bench not too far away.

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